Experience Davell Crawford, the "Piano Prince of New Orleans"

Behold the greatest musician to come out of New Orleans since Professor Longhair and Satchmo himself! Davell Crawford has been hailed as “The Piano Prince of New Orleans” and is the most skilled and lively piano player you will ever see or hear in your life. At such a young age, he has already made waves within the realms of jazz, soul, blues and funk through worldwide tours and working with many famous musicians and producers.

Incorporating Blues, Funk, R&B and Jazz into His Piano Style

Crawford, the grandson of Sugar Boy Crawford, started playing piano and the Hammond B-3 organ at the tender age of seven and began showcasing his talents around the world as a teenager. Since then, he has brought his unique brand of New Orleans tradition to countries such as Russia, Spain, Brazil, Morocco and Finland. He is a true roots musician, playing upon his gospel upbringing to incorporate elements of jazz, blues, funk and R&B into his music to keep the great tradition of New Orleans piano alive.


Crawford is hailed as the gatekeeper of the Crescent City music legacy and is a driving force in the American roots music movement. Instead of stylistically copying the greatest New Orleans music legends who ever lived, he simply used them as an influence to craft his own one-of-a-kind sound that stays true to tradition with a modern flair.


In addition to acting as a studio musician and live performer, he has also produced a slew of albums for such legends as Stephanie Mills, Marva Wright and Kipori Woods. Crawford’s discography showcases his incredible command of the piano and B-3 as a young teenager and adult. He is already noted as the most documented and youngest piano player in today’s American roots movement. Fans around the world praise his ability to captivate them from the first few notes he plays, keeping them tapping their toes and grooving along with his unique blend of musical genres that stay true to New Orleans jazz and gospel roots.

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If you are ready to be swept away by this young talent, you can listen to demos of his songs on his music page, purchase any of his live albums or watch his videos. He has also been featured in hundreds of music publications and articles written on a global scale that offer him countless accolades for his supreme talent.


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